When is the Right time for a Pregnancy Pillow

Wondering when to start using a pregnancy pillow? 💙

While there is no “right” answer! But there are certain weeks where you might find that using a pregnancy pillow is more beneficial.

Typically, 20 weeks and up is where you’ll feel the most comfort using a pregnancy pillow, but you can certainly start before if you feel the need. Around 20 weeks is when the womb starts to get bigger to accommodate for the growing baby. This can result in round ligament pain and other aches.

We have 4 options for you:

The doomoo Buddy

Giant pillow, multi-functional, ultra-comfortable, outstanding softness and flexibility.


The doomoo Comfy Big

Giant pillow, multi-functional, very comfortable, and firm support.


The doomoo On The Go

Small, ultra-practical, the On the Go Pregnancy pillow to get support anywhere/anytime.


The doomoo Sleepy

Ultra-comfortable, shaped to support body zones that require some extra steadiness during your pregnancy, for more located pains (can be combined with the doomoo On the Go).

We hope this helps! ☀️