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FRIGG - Daisy Night Latex Baby Pacifier - Size 2 - Blush Night

FRIGG - Daisy Night Latex Baby Pacifier - Size 2 - Blush Night

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The FRIGG line of natural soothers has been thoughtfully designed for your baby's comfort. The outward curve keep the soother off their delicate skin, whole features like air holes an a security handle ensure your baby stays safe. Available in a range of soft colours, FRIGG soothers make a beautiful addition to your collection of baby essentials.

 Choose a FRIGG Daisy Night pacifier for your baby when it’s bedtime. The handle and knob will glow in the dark and solve the challenge of finding and placing your baby’s pacifier in the middle of the night.

The glow-in-the-night feature is softly bright and won’t harm your baby’s eyes and you can easily find the pacifier without turning on the lights. As a result, you and your baby can get back to sleep right away.

FRIGG Daisy Night = Danish design with a glow
FRIGG is 100% designed and manufactured in Denmark as the only pacifier brand in the world. The beautiful and charming design of the FRIGG pacifier catches the eye of every style-conscious mother – even when it’s dark…

How to
1.    Hold the pacifier in light before bedtime to activate the glow function.
2.    Ready! The pacifier will now glow up the room for the entire night.

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