Set of 2 Glass Portions Jars - Pink/OldPink

Set of 2 Glass Portions Jars - Pink/OldPink

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Set of 2 Béaba glass storage jars. One 150 ml baby food jar with pink lid and one 250 ml baby food jar with old pink lid.

The Beaba Conservation Jar Glass Set of 2 is made of high grade glass material which does not degrade over time, no staining and no distortion. These glass jars are highly resistant to heat and thermal shock which means you can heat, freeze and sterilise them without any worries. The supple lids are easy to clip on and are also airtight to preserve flavours and aromas of inner contents. These jars feature graduation in ml which makes measuring contents easy and simple.

Who wants their portion?

  • Extra-resistant glass: does not deteriorate over time (no discoloration, no deformation, etc.)
  • Resistant to heat and thermal shocks (heating, freezing, sterilization, etc.)
  • Easy-to-clip flexible lid: airtight closure to preserve flavors and aromas
  • Visible graduation in ml/oz: dosage indicator
  • Care: hand wash or dishwasher
Box of 2 glass portions 150ml airy-green/250ml light mist